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Innovating Humanity - Jude Jennison EPISODE 17, 16th February 2021
17: Weipoint on using technology to diversify cultural heritage
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17: Weipoint on using technology to diversify cultural heritage

Dr Wei Wu and his team Harriet and Lottie run Weipoint, a technology business based in Birmingham providing cultural heritage information for people interested in the city of Birmingham. The team recognise the importance of using technology to preserve cultural stories as well as to reach a wider audience and have translated much of their information into several languages to make it more accessible.

I was struck by the power of stories to delight and entertain us and how they bring culture and history alive and shape our future. I like the idea that technology can make history more interesting as well as accessible and that we are missing out when we don’t know about the rich cultural diversity of our local cities.

How might you rethink the way you look at history and places based on a different cultural perspective?

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