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#66: Earthlings 2.0 Rerun: Rethinking Reforestation with Grant Canary
Episode 6616th July 2024 • Earthlings 2.0 Podcast • Lisa Ann Pinkerton
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Hello Earthlings! We’re continuing our summer scheduling with another Earthlings 2.0 rerun: Mast Reforestation with Grant Canary, the visionary CEO behind Mast Reforestation. As of this week, over 1.6 million hectares of forest around the world has been lost to wildfires– and that’s just in 2024 alone! We need these forests to regrow if we want any hope of turning back the worst effects of climate change and that’s why we’re revisiting our conversation with Grant surrounding new technologies and business models that can help ensure forests to regrow.

Reforestation stands as a powerful weapon in our arsenal against climate change, and Grant passionately elaborates on its transformative impact. Discover the manifold benefits this practice offers to our planet while exploring the cutting-edge technologies Mast Reforestation employs. From pioneering drone applications to boots-on-the-ground strategies, these innovations are pivotal in fortifying our planet's resilience against carbon emissions.

Our faith in humanity was restored by Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. The Prime Minister has officially declared a marine reserve spanning approximately 300 square miles (or 800 square kilometers), a critical habitat known to be the only place on Earth where sperm whales congregate year-round for breeding purposes. This marine sanctuary, by prohibiting commercial shipping and fishing activities, offers a much-needed refuge for sperm whales. Scientists highlight that this initiative is not only beneficial for these majestic creatures but also plays a vital role in combating the climate crisis due to the essential nutrients that sperm whales contribute to the ocean ecosystem through their deep-water dives. 

Key Topics: 

  • Supply chain challenges in reforestation 
  • The Four Pillars of reforestation strategy- sourcing the seed, using software for seed collection organization, growing seeds into seedlings efficiently, and the logistics of planting these seedlings on-site
  • Advanced techniques and technologies in reforestation, such as sophisticated greenhouses and software for managing seed collections 
  • The future of the world's forests in the face of ongoing climate change and the essential role of reforestation in mitigating its impacts

Voices on The Show: 

  • Grant Canary, CEO of Master Reforestation
  • LinkedIn

Web Resources 

Restoring Faith in Humanity Spotlight: Dominica’s Sperm Whale Reserve

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