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06. Painless Endometriosis Diagnosis with ROSE
Episode 631st March 2022 • FemFuture • April Summerford
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My guests on this episode Dr. Peter Gregersen and Dr. Christine Metz are Co-Directors of the ROSE Study at Northwell Health. The ROSE research team is a group of Feinstein Institutes scientists and professionals who are currently using several innovative approaches to study endometriosis and other women’s reproductive health disorders. 

In this episode Dr. Metz and Dr. Gregersen joined me to discuss the exciting horizon of a new painless diagnostic test for endometriosis they are currently developing. We dug deep on so many fascinating questions from the genetics of endometriosis to if it really is an autoimmune disorder or something else entirely.

If you have an endo diagnosis, infertility, or suspect endo this really is the

episode for you!

Happy Endo Awareness Month!


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