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IconicoXchange - Iconico Campaigns EPISODE 6, 8th October 2020
Campaigning During COVID

Campaigning During COVID

At this time in 2019, while many organizations across the country were gearing up to take one one of the most contentious and important presidential election cycles in history, no one could have imagined that they would also have to do all of this work while figuring out how to reach out to, engage, and mobilize volunteers and voters during a global pandemic that has devastated the country. Another change is that this year Arizona has become a battleground state. In this episode we talk to Alex Steele, a veteran in electoral campaigns and who served as the Campaign Director of Arizona Ready, a grassroots campaign with the goal to recruit and train thousands of volunteers in Arizona to take on the Trump/Pence campaign. We discuss what campaigning has been like in 2020, what has been more challenging, what has been easier, and what we can take away from all of it.

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