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Revolutionary Power - with Gieselle Allen
Episode 412th April 2023 • Stand In Your Power • Emma Weatherall
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In this episode I’m chatting with my close friend Gieselle Allen about what Revolutionary Power is, and the importance to us as individuals and as business owners.

Gieselle works with Women & Femmes of Color to discover the confidence that comes from decolonizing your thoughts, owning your true identity, learning to trust your intuition and building a thriving life that reflects your values and resonates with your core.

Her work combines mindset, trauma healing and somatic work to help her clients prioritize people over profit, healthy collaboration and connection, and rest so that they are thriving, in community together, and feel internally powerful as they move through the world.

5 Reasons To Listen To This Episode:

  • Why revolutionary power is just as important to your business as strategy
  • How 'pushing though' can actually be harmful (and what to do instead when you feel resistant or afraid)
  • The roles somatic work and ancestral work can have in nurturing your own power
  • How your intersectional identities are important in informing your work
  • Why it's totally normal to feel that you're not showing up the way you really want to be (especially on social media)


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Gieselle's Recommendations:

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📚 True Biz by Sara Novic

💖 Toi Marie


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