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Yes, I Work From Home - April K Malone EPISODE 67, 24th September 2021
A Tech Nerd Talks About Working From Home, with Kit Halloff, Ep. 67
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A Tech Nerd Talks About Working From Home, with Kit Halloff, Ep. 67

Kit Halloff is a professional drummer, singer, and next-door neighbor to April Malone, in Gilbert, Arizona. He has an interesting work-from-home story in that he was a full-time musician who just happened to start a brand new desk job as an account representative/sales position for a tech company the same week that everything shut down in March 2020, unexpectedly losing all of his music gigs the same week he started training in his new position at CDW. Originally, he was going to train onsite, but that quickly got shifted to his basement, where he is now set up quite the home office, using some state-of-the-art equipment he has received and even won from his workplace.

In this episode, Kit shares about some of the equipment he’s been using in his home office and discusses the difference between some different types of microphones used for recording podcasts and the like. He and his wife have a teenager and twin preschoolers in the house, so noise-canceling technology is of special interest these days. He also talks about supply chain issues contributing to shortages in materials needed for building computer monitors and other components for computers and other electronic equipment. Kit’s band, The Donny Grubb Band, is back to performing again.

Kit can be found in the following places:


Email: kit @ kithalloff . com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kit-halloff-61007053/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kithalloff


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