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Breaking the HR Mold With Cierra Gross
Episode 1015th April 2024 • Embracing Your Voice • Atima Omara
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It's interesting to see how Cierra Gross, founder and CEO of Caged Bird HR, embarked on her journey into the world of human resources. She shares her unconventional path, from dreaming of being a singer to backpacking around the world, before finding her calling in HR.

In this episode, Cierra talks about her upbringing, her passion for advocacy, and how her experiences led her to create Caged Bird HR. She discusses the challenges she faced in corporate America as a Black woman and the inspiration behind starting her own company. Sierra also shares insights into the conflict of interest within traditional HR departments, how employees can deal with that, and the importance of providing employees with independent HR support.

With a focus on honesty, transparency, and empowerment, Cierra's mission with Caged Bird HR is to help employees navigate workplace challenges and make informed decisions about their careers. She emphasizes the need for meaningful conversations about the role of HR in today's corporate landscape and the positive impact her company is making in supporting employees nationwide.

More about Cierra Gross: Cierra Gross is the founder and CEO of Caged Bird HR, the first HR services company providing employees access to independent HR support at scale.  She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, graduating early with honors in Political Science with a pre-law concentration. Cierra continued her education, earning a Master’s in Human Resources from the University of South Carolina.  Cierra was a highly recruited HR professional landing at companies like ExxonMobil, Google, and spending time in the tech startup space. Her new company, Caged Bird HR, supports employees nationwide at companies like Google, Amazon. Netflix, Meta, etc

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