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Unlocking the Power of Pinterest in Your Wedding Business - With Gabby Pinkerton
Episode 5323rd March 2023 • Wedding Pros who are ready to grow - with Becca Pountney • Becca Pountney
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In today's episode we're going to chat about something super important for wedding businesses: Pinterest! We've got Gabby Pinkerton, a destination wedding planner, here to share her experience with using Pinterest to find clients and give us some tips for creating awesome content.

Now, we know some of you might be worried about other businesses stealing your ideas from Pinterest, but don't worry - we've got you covered.

So, if you're looking to up your marketing game for your wedding business, you definitely don't want to miss this episode. Make sure to check out our resources below for even more tips on using Pinterest effectively.

Find out more about Gabby:

Click to read more Pinterest tips from Becca

Speak to my team at the Wedding Pro Agency about managing your Pinterest:

Introduction [00:00:28] Introducing the podcast and guest speaker Gabby Pinton, a destination wedding planner who found success using Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is Underrated [00:01:38] Discussion on why Pinterest is often misunderstood and underrated in the wedding industry.

Pinterest as a Search Engine [00:02:01] Explanation of how Pinterest is a search engine and not just another social media platform.

Pinterest vs Other Social Media Platforms [00:03:33] Comparison of how Pinterest differs from other social media platforms and the type of content that works best on it.

Benefits of Pinterest [00:06:23] Discussion on the benefits of using Pinterest, including its evergreen nature and ease of use.

Pinterest Strategy [00:08:01] Gabby Pinton shares her strategy for using Pinterest to find clients for her destination wedding planning business.

The Power of Pinterest [00:08:45] The speakers discuss the benefits of Pinterest, how it differs from other social media platforms, and strategies for using it effectively.

Linking to Your Website [00:09:43] The importance of linking Pinterest images to a website, and how it differs from other social media platforms.

Using Pinterest to Find Clients [00:11:00] Gabby Pinton shares her experience with using Pinterest to find clients for her destination wedding planning business.

Landing Pages and Blog Posts [00:12:08] The importance of having landing pages and blog posts linked to Pinterest images, and how it can lead to more traffic and conversions.

Repurposing Content on Pinterest [00:13:28] The speakers discuss the strategy of repurposing content on Pinterest, and whether it's better to add new pins or edit existing ones.

The Unpredictability of Pinterest [00:15:53] The unpredictability of Pinterest and how certain pins can become unexpectedly popular, even if they don't necessarily align with a brand's overall message.

Using Pinterest to drive traffic [00:16:57] Discussion on the benefits of Pinterest for wedding businesses and how to effectively use it to drive traffic to your website.

Strategies for converting Pinterest traffic [00:18:07] Tips for keeping visitors on your website, building trust, and converting traffic into leads.

Keeping visitors engaged [00:21:46] Importance of keeping visitors engaged with your content and using Pinterest to lead them down a rabbit hole of related content.

Addressing pushback on Pinterest [00:24:22] Tips for addressing common pushback on Pinterest, including how to increase clicks and conversions.

Photo worth clicking on [00:25:20] Importance of choosing photos that are relevant to potential clients and worth clicking on.

Direct call to action [00:26:44] Encouraging a direct call to action in the description to prompt clicks and engagement.

Protecting ideas [00:28:34] Discussion on how to protect ideas and prevent others from stealing them.

Trends on Pinterest [00:32:31] Discussion on trends that work well on Pinterest, including seasonal themes and venue names.

Using Pinterest for Marketing [00:33:22] The speakers discuss the benefits of using Pinterest for marketing wedding businesses, including pinning content about venues, beauty and attire categories, and hyper-nicheing with colors.

Importance of Venues on Pinterest [00:35:52] The speakers emphasize the importance of venues on Pinterest and encourage venues to create boards with different styles, color palettes, and seasonal types to attract potential clients.

Final Thoughts on Pinterest [00:37:24] Gabby shares her final pitch on why businesses should be on Pinterest, highlighting the low risk and potential high reward of having strategically keyworded content that can drive traffic to their website and bring in inquiries.

Niche Down for Business Success [00:38:52] Gabby shares her advice on the importance of niching down in business and focusing on a specific market to make more money.

Outro and Resources [00:39:35] Becca and Gabby wrap up the conversation and provide resources for those interested in learning more about using Pinterest for marketing or seeking professional help with Pinterest management.

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