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What the NFL Experience is Really like with Miami Dolphins Director Alexander Martin
Episode 3113th June 2024 • Financially Fit with Coach Hill • Financial Footwork & Hillary Seiler
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What have you heard about the NFL? What if life inside the League is actually nothing like you thought it was? On this week’s episode of Financially Fit with Coach Hill, special guest and Miami Dolphins Director Alexander Martin is here to dive into the (often misunderstood) world of NFL operations and athlete development. Between intense work schedules that extend beyond game days into rigorous daily routines to the demands of off-season preparations, working with rookies and veterans is more extensive than you’d think.

And then there’s the financial misconceptions. Do NFL insiders have unlimited access to free tickets and gear? Do players themselves get their own freebies? How do players enter the NFL on the heels of their college NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals? Coach Hill is ready to debunk it all.

PLUS: Tune in for the practical advice that guides NFL players, because it just might guide you on your personal and professional development journey, too.



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