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7 Signs of the Great Deception in the Last Days--What I'm Learning, Pt. 6
Episode 614th June 2022 • The Wrestling Room • Russell De Vos
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Before the 2nd Coming of Jesus there will be a Mass Exodus...a Great Defection...AWAY FROM Jesus and The Foundational Doctrines of The Faith...TO a "new and improved" version of Jesus who comes with "relevant and socially inclusive" beliefs and "truths."

This Apostasy is one of the major prophetic events just before the end of time as we know it on this planet.

Why? What is going on to cause this?

The Answer: A Great Deception! Just as Satan deceived Eve in the beginning, he will be deceiving right to the end...only it will be the most intense deception of his diabolical career!

Deception will pervade every nook and cranny of the planet...luring people away from Jesus and to Doctrines of Demons. It will be a wild time.

In this teaching I share 7 Signs that the Bible indicates will be present in the world...leading to this mass that you can be on the lookout for them in your own life.

You don't want to be one of the defectors!

This message is a WARNING to be alert...watchful...vigilant to keep your own heart and mind free from these insidious factors that would even try to sway and derail loyal followers of Jesus.


This channel is about Spiritual and Personal Growth...and REAL CHANGE! It's about wrestling with God. It's about TAKING ACTION and Surrendering COMPLETELY to King Jesus!


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