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Rediscover Italy Podcast - Cassandra Lena Santoro & Laura Thayer EPISODE 3, 12th April 2021
Italy Travel Tips: The Best Ways to Get Around Italy
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Italy Travel Tips: The Best Ways to Get Around Italy

Planning a trip to Italy can be effortless and even more fun if you have the inside scoop! Today Laura and Cassandra are sharing travel tips for Italian transportation. 

Whether you envision yourself traveling cross country via train, would like to ride with the locals by bus or maybe dream of renting a scooter or car, this episode is for you. The hosts share their best suggestions for getting around in an efficient and stress free way from North to South. 

Note to Listeners: The Rediscover Italy Podcast is a mixture of travel stories, life in Italy, local interviews, Italian cuisine, and much more. While we love sharing advice for exploring the country through our storytelling, we'll also be dedicating some episodes exclusively to travel planning. Look for these with the title: "Italy Travel Tips." We hope that this will enhance your experience when traveling Bella Italia! Each season we will take the most requested questions based on our listener surveys. To share your insight, be sure to sign up for our newsletter at www.rediscoveritalypodcast.com.

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