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The Recorded Voice - Voiceover Kickstart Ltd EPISODE 3, 20th April 2021
Ep 3: Voiceover as the Solo Entrepreneur
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Ep 3: Voiceover as the Solo Entrepreneur

In this, our third episode I’m talking with Mike Saraswat, founder and CEO of Ekstasy, a hugely successful Advertising, Branding and Creative agency based in London. As the pro voiceover artist, the quicker you identify as a business, the stronger that business and your career will become. We go deep and discuss fears, the need for understanding finances and setting rates, routine and discipline, and succeeding as a solo-entrepreneur.

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In episode four, I’m talking with busy British Voiceover Artist Kate Whelan. We look at the shifting trends in commercial voiceover, setting and negotiating your rates and much more. I’m Guy Michaels. Thanks for listening.

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