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The EAST Podcast - Partha Srinivasan EPISODE 15, 21st July 2020
Partha Srinivasan and Rachit Hegde talk about the evolution of e-commerce and where it's going

Partha Srinivasan and Rachit Hegde talk about the evolution of e-commerce and where it's going

Rachit Hegde is a Business Development and Digital Marketing Specialist who's always in step with the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. An innovator in tune with the latest digital developments, Rachit is your go-to man for creative solutions for the trickiest of business problems.


In this episode:

01:30 Rachit Hegde Intro

05:25 Evolution of ecommerce and where is it right now? Some insights as well.

20:42 Where do you see ecommerce heading?

26:42 Episode Ends


Links mentioned in the episode-

www.shopify.in, https://magento.com/

https://amazon.in/, https://www.jiomart.com/, https://www.flipkart.com/

https://paytm.com/, https://www.nykaa.com/, Uber & Ola


You can find Rachit Hegde on, 

Website – https://thesmallbusinessproject.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/rachithegde

Email- rachit@thesmallbusinessproject.com

Podcast – ecommerce for starters

Personal Website- http://rachithegde.com/


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