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Dr. Cory Calendine: Orthopaedic Surgeon at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee
Episode 229th June 2022 • The Slice • Osso VR X StudioPod Media
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Dr. Cory Calendine from the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee has become a viral TikTok sensation. Otherwise known as the ‘Bone Doctor’, he’s not only a master in the art of cutting, but he’s also an expert in tech development and robotics for surgical improvements. In this episode, Dr. Calendine explains how concepts like AI and IoT combined with a new global sense of connectivity is revolutionizing the public conversation around medical optimization and the orthopedic solutions’ industry. 


(01:28) - Dr. Calendine’s introduction to the medical world and his decision to become a surgeon - “These people have gone years with disability and you have the ability to kind of participate with them and kind of meet them where they are. It's a cool thing to do.”

(05:19) - A deep look into Justin and Dr. Calendine’s life: Hobbies, family and life changing events - “I don't really have hobbies even now, except for absolutely anything that my daughter or son are into. Even cheer, man, I get into it. I'm like the ultimate cheer dad.”

(9:12) - On the similarities between being a baker and being a surgeon - “There are reasons why we knew certain things. You can't reinvent the wheel every day, but there also has to be a little bit of discomfort, a little bit of like ‘how can we change this?”

(14:15) - Dr. Calendine’s perspective on technology development and the acknowledgement of healthcare’s front line  workers - “You can be nameless, but have a powerful impact on millions and millions of people at this level.”

(20:33) - How connectivity is transforming the public conversation around medicine and the orthopedic solutions’ industry - “Because of our technology solutions to get access, I think there is an appreciation that the needs of those top 1% of all the hip and knee replacement guys in the country are not the needs of the common man.”

(30:12) - A specialized eye: Innovative tech improvements for a better,  more accessible way to practice medicine - “What really drew me to my work and in telemedicine was really the intent of the technology. And that was to democratize access to the very best of it.”


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