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Using Analytics in the Hospitality Industry, Or How do You Stop Stating The Obvious?
Episode 610th January 2022 • Hospitality News And Views • Raj Randhawa & Richard Majewski
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Special guest Michael McCartan, Chief Growth Officer at Atomize, in conversation with our very own Raj Randhawa.

Topics discussed include

Analytics and the art of seeing beyond the obvious.

How hotels and serviced apartment operators leave money on the table!!.

How the world of analytics and automated payments can reduce cancellations in a world with reduced booking windows

Climate Change – How is this changing customer booking habits? 

Data - Can I have more please, or when is enough?

An insightful and at times irreverent look at what is happening in the world of hospitality.

Hosted by Raj Randhawa and Richard Majewski, between them they have over 40 years of experience of working in the hospitality industry. 

Raj is CEO of AVQuest, a UK-based technology company specialising in delivering advanced technological solutions that integrate into a wide-range of hospitality PMS solutions.

Richard is the owner of the ESSA Consultancy, a UK-based specialist marketing company for hotels and serviced apartments.

The views and opinions expressed by the hosts and our guests do not state or reflect those of the AVQuest Ltd., ESSA Consultancy or its sponsors and management.

Both hosts have a lot of knowledge about the hospitality industry but they may make mistakes.  Do not make decisions based on what is said, carry out your own research and come to your own views. No harm is intended in what is said, and all efforts are taken to ensure that this is the case.

You can contact Raj or Richard via emailing the show. 

The email address is

Thank you for listening.


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