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Introducing On The Edge Of Equity
Trailer1st August 2022 • On The Edge Of Equity • Tammy Belton-Davis
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On the Edge of Equity is a bold new podcast that features crucial conversations centered on equity, diversity and inclusion. But this isn’t just talking the talk. It’s about inspiring action… asking tough questions and getting honest answers – because that’s the only way that real change happens. 

So if you’re ready to help move our communities from the Edge of Equity to a place of true justice and inclusion, join us on this journey. Let’s share transformational ideas and stories that can lead to systems change - locally, regionally and nationally.

Our podcast is powered by Athena Communications, where we manage transformational brands that impact lives and communities. On the Edge of Equity is hosted by yours truly, Tammy Belton Davis, founder and president. Each episode will feature a special guest that has an impactful - and transformational - story to share. 

We hope you join us and please, make yourself uncomfortable.

Please join our email list at info@athenacommunicationslls.comso you don’t miss an episode of On the Edge of Equity. The link is also in the show notes.

You can also support the show by sharing it on social media with your personal and professional networks; suggesting guests and topics for us to spotlight; AND engaging in crucial conversations about systems change.

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trailer Introducing On The Edge Of Equity
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