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Eternal Entrepreneur—Equipping Christian Businesses - Joe Newton, Pierce Brantley — Christian Business Leaders, Kingdom Entrepreneurs EPISODE 67, 13th September 2021
How to Stay The Course as a Christian Entrepreneur
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How to Stay The Course as a Christian Entrepreneur

You've come so far. It may not feel like it, but you have. In this episode, Joe Newton shares how to appreciate how your relationship with God, and your business, have developed overtime. We all start as baby Christians and entrepreneurs. We don't know everything and there is a definite journey ahead of us—but sometimes, it can feels as if we haven't developed at all. If we focus too much on what feels like stagnant growth, we won't appreciate just how much we've change—for the good. Joe encourages you to stay the course, and consider how you've developed, both professionally and spiritually, so that you won't give up in the worthwhile journey of life. Don't miss this encouraging episode as you plan your week ahead.

This episode covers the topics of reflection, spiritual journey, business development, peace, spiritual growth, forgiveness of self, Kingdom business, prayer, Holy Spirit, and encouragement.