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It's Her Turn - Dr. Kate Dow EPISODE 14, 7th May 2021
What Happens When You Step Back and Question the Status Quo
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What Happens When You Step Back and Question the Status Quo

Olivia Bethea is a HR professional, who is in a career transition becoming the writer she always wanted to be. Olivia shares how as a black woman, she was starting to see things from a different perspective and it took her on a journey of self-exploration, boundaries and more.

03:22 - benefits of counselling

06:00 - transformational coaching

07:31 - noticing things around us as we change

12:12 - what happens when you refuse the call

When the reaction doesn't match the situation, you're dealing with more than the situation. Olivia Bethea

21:30 - kindsight

24:21 - navigating a difficult work situation?

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