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Timing is Everything: Embracing the Unknown with Ash Turner
Episode 1330th November 2023 • The Trailblazher Podcast • Trailblazher Co.
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Who was mastering the art of sourdough before sourdough was even trending? The answer is Ash Turner of Turner Farm. In this week’s podcast episode, we had the complete honor of chatting with her about her story, her family, sourdough, divine timing and so much more. Ash has a really interesting story that we know you’re going to love. She used to live in the city and had this dream of moving her family out to the country.

Throughout their journey, there's been these opportunities of really serendipitous timing that you're going to hear about that have unfolded for their business and their family. So this episode is really about how they got here, what they're doing now, and where they're going.

This episode is not only inspiring but if you believe in synchronicity and the perfect timing for our own lives, you're going to see that theme showing up in so many ways in Ash's story. So enjoy and make sure to tune in! 

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