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Compress The Crap Days
Episode 827th March 2022 • Bliss Broadcast • Benjamin Jacques
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I always wanted to know how to avoid burnout but it wasn't until I actually figured out a system I call "Compressing The Crap Days" that I was able to do so. This let me push all the not-so-fun activities that NEEDED to get done in my life and business into ONE day so that day wasn't necessarily the best, but it opened up my OTHER days to not have to deal with that stuff.

If you suffer from burnout and you're looking to learn how to eliminate burnout and that lethargic feeling of having things on your plate you don't particularly care to do, pushing all those activities into one day might be the solution for you.

I always think these days are going to feel terrible but the truth is that at the END of that day I feel absolutely incredible and I've also gotten all the undesirable activities off my plate so I'm able to focus on doing more of what I love to do the next day with no burnout activities in sight. Try this if you want to eliminate burnout and you might just find it's a lot FASTER and EASIER to get through those lame activities than you even thought possible.

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