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The Supply Chain Buzz for January 10th with Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson
Episode 1914th January 2022 • Digital Transformers • Supply Chain Now
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The Supply Chain Buzz is Supply Chain Now’s regular Monday livestream, held at 12n ET each week. This show focuses on some of the leading stories from global supply chain and global business, always with special guests – the most important of which is the live audience!

Over the last two years, everyone has learned how critical, fragile, and interconnected our supply chains are. Their reach also means that seemingly insignificant consumer devices may have direct ties to high-stakes geopolitical issues half a world away. Supply Chain Now hosts Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson started the week of January 10th by taking on topics from rice cookers to human rights abuses in the distant province of Xinjiang in China.

In this session, created in collaboration with a live digital audience, Kevin and Scott talk about:

• The widespread implications of the fact that 63% of the world’s semiconductor chips are manufactured in Taiwan, followed by South Korea and China

• Why new orders of finished goods in December rose at the slowest rate of 2021, while manufacturing work backlogs increased

• The ongoing tensions between tech companies like Intel and China over human rights concerns in Xinjiang province


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