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The RevOps metrics that matter and how to get people to use them
Episode 55th July 2022 • The RevOps Spot • RevOpsLab
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In this episode, we are joined by a special guest - James May, who heads up Revenue Operations at tech scale-up hackajob. Together we discuss the metrics that really matter in the world of RevOps and how to get your internal teams to embrace them and align around them.

We get James' thoughts on how he uses key metrics at hackajob not just to track performance and evidence success, but to diagnose issues and hypothesis solutions. We discuss the different categories of metrics that any successful revenue operations function needs to be using day in, day out and how to apply them to the challenges you may be facing in your own business.


Key Takeaways:

The metrics: What are the critical metrics a RevOps function needs to measure?

Data capture: - How much is too much, when is the appropriate time to capture data and what data capture technology should you be employing.

Leadership team buy-in: How to use data to move leadership team opinion from a focus on quantity of interactions to quality of interactions.

Focus - People do what they are measured on, how do you ensure we are measuring the right things to drive the right behaviours?

Alignment - How do you drive alignment around a common set of metrics and a single source of truth?




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We hope you enjoyed the episode, join us next time when we discuss how to drive real and meaningful organisational alignment.




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