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Is Everything Falling Apart? With Gringo + The Man
Episode 317th March 2022 • Gringo and The Man • Crewest Studio
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For decades, America has found itself embroiled in crisis after crisis, and at the moment it really feels like we’ve reached new levels of craziness. The Amazon is being cut clear, the oceans are full of plastic, mental health issues are on the rise, way too many people own way too many guns, and The Man can’t go a day without getting bombarded with information about NFTs (which he is staying far away from, by the way!). We delve into some serious topics today, but as you probably know by now, we pride ourselves on being positive, upbeat, glass-half-full guys, so we’ll never let these episodes get too dark and depressing, regardless of the subject matter. As you may also be aware, we’re not afraid to say things that are a little controversial because getting canceled is not high up on our list of worries, so we hope you’ll join us for the ride!   


Key Points From This Episode: 

  • The one-liner description of what this podcast is about. 
  • Neil Young's 'self-cancellation' from Spotify, and why we're not afraid of getting canceled.
  • Gringo’s newly purchased piece of technology.
  • Why The Man is choosing not to get involved in NFTs.
  • The craziness that seems to have engulfed the world. 
  • The detrimental effects of cutting down the Amazon. 
  • How The Man is feeling about hitting 50. 
  • Gringo’s recent colonoscopy experience, and the cocktail you need to ask for when you go for one! 
  • What toxic masculinity looks like.
  • The value in experiencing hardships in life. 
  • Issues that we see increasing in prevalence as a result of social media.
  • Examples of how schools have changed since we were children.
  • Our take on America’s gun problem. 
  • A wild theory that could explain some of the craziness we're experiencing.
  • Ernie G’s recent on-stage health scare, and the perspective that it has given us. 
  • How we are prioritizing our health this year. 
  • The Man shares a story about one of his most adventurous graffiti bombing experiences.


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