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#180 The Frequency of Healing & Stepping Into Your Power with Adele Stratton
Episode 18021st February 2024 • Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud • Elisa Kurylowicz
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This episode has themes of: Self-healing, spirituality, frequency, root cause healing, Wellness solutions, Awareness, intuitive, Personal Power, Holistic health

On the pod is my spiritual coach Adele Stratton, and when we talk about solutions, and self healing, and thinking outside the box when it comes to health and wellness, I am not sure if there is anyone better than Adele.

Adele was a former nurse who broke free from the traditional medical community and really started to focus on healing from the root.

Her Instagram platform has grown to over 250k followers in the last few years, which is a strong testament to how many people are waking up their power and looking for alternative solutions.

Today we deep dive into curiosity, spirituality, the frequency of our body and root cause healing.

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