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10 Profound Lessons From 2022
Episode 1467th December 2022 • Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud • Elisa Kurylowicz
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This episode has themes of: Intuitive Awareness, Truth seeking, Brain hijacking, self-love, self-respect, the conditioned mind, Attachment, Fitness, Self-Identity, Artificial Intelligence, Body Autonomy & Humility

My intension for this episode is provoke thought.  Perhaps a perspective shift or two and for those listening to think critically about what they think they know to be true.

I want to encourage health discourse and hold space for life lessons that may not be in alignment with things you may have been learning this year…

I want people to feel seen. The overarching lesson in 2022 is to see others for who they are and love them anyways. To acknowledge the ways I have been conditioned to fear people, fear what I don't understand and have the courage to move forward with acceptance and love anyways.

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