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NevBlog - Neville Medhora EPISODE 7, 2nd April 2020
#7: How Do I Accept Payments As A Freelancer?

#7: How Do I Accept Payments As A Freelancer?

If you're starting out as a freelancer, don't get hung up on how to accept payments. Here's my quick tips on what to do:

#1.) Accept simple payment methods like PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Checks etc.

#2.) Don't try to look big. They KNOW you're a freelancer.

#3) 50/50 Payments. This means 50% payment upfront, and 50% payment on completion.

#4.) Don't worry about tax issues if just getting started. Make lots of income first then worry about that.

#5.) If they don't pay (very unusual) you can:

#5.a) Email them (so there's a paper trail).

#5.b) Email + Call.

#5.c) Call them out on social media.

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