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5 - The Importance of Market Validation with Harbor and Mizzen+Main's Kevin Lavelle
10th May 2024 • Innovator Insights • Innovator Insights
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Your host, Henrik Johansson, talks with the Co-Founder and CEO of Harbor, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Mizzen+Main, Kevin Lavelle. Kevin's story begins in sunny Florida, where he grew up before moving to Dallas, Texas, for college. Dallas became his home, where he now lives with his wife and two kids. Outside of his business ventures, Kevin enjoys golfing and staying fit—a testament to his dedication to excellence in all areas of life.

The idea for Mizzen+Main, a company specializing in performance fabric dress shirts, simmered in Kevin's mind for years before he launched the product in 2012. Bucking the trend of exhaustive business plans, Kevin focused on creating a quality product and getting it into customers' hands. A dinner with Daymond John from "Shark Tank" proved pivotal, as it shifted his strategy to include wholesale—a move that would significantly impact the brand's trajectory.

Kevin's latest project, Harbor, was born from a need for a reliable baby monitor. He shared the challenges of raising funds, with Mizzen+Main being self-funded and later raising $4 million from angel investors. The brand's significant growth, reaching hundreds of millions in revenue and profitability, was a testament to the power of brand-building and press coverage.

Harbor stands out with its direct camera-to-monitor connection, bypassing the internet for enhanced security, and includes a memory chip for storing footage. Kevin's mission with Harbor is to provide parents with a reliable tool that reduces stress, steering clear of the fear-based marketing common in the industry.

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