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What's Happening - In Our Community - Sea & Ski Realty EPISODE 6, 27th July 2020
What's Happening - Episode 6 - #Rediscovergrey "Discover your Own Backyard"
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What's Happening - Episode 6 - #Rediscovergrey "Discover your Own Backyard"

In this Month's Episode we talk about how now more than ever, it’s so important to support each other. One of the best ways to support our neighbours and our communities is to support locally owned businesses.  We welcome Grey County Tourism's Marketing & Communications Specialist, Heather Aljoe to tell us more about the #rediscovergrey campaign and how you can take part and support local businesses.

When you buy local, your money stays in our communities and helps to build a stronger local economy. Shopping local creates meaningful employment opportunities here at home and creates tax revenue to fund healthcare and education - not to mention providing the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food came from!  

We know with the COVID-19 pandemic small businesses are suffering, so let’s show them how we love them. Recommend a local favourite to family or friends. Choose to check local options first for your regular shopping. Check out this list https://www.visitgrey.ca/travel-tools/travel-stories/rediscover-grey for some fun challenges to support your local adventures, and share the Support Local Grey County social media challenge to win some great local prizes!  

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