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The Email Marketing Show - ResponseSuite EPISODE 48, 23rd September 2020
Podcast Email List Growth Strategy with Charley Valher from Valher Media
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Podcast Email List Growth Strategy with Charley Valher from Valher Media

So you’ve got a podcast. Great! 

But how the hell do you go about getting your listeners onto your podcast email list?  

When much of your audience might be listening to your podcast when at the gym or on the way to work, it can be tricky getting them to go to all the effort to join your list, or even remember to do so.

But you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to make this so much easier for yourself.

And this is exactly why we’ve brought the fantastic Charley Valher from Valher media on the show. Charley discusses some incredible tips and insights when it comes to podcast marketing and growing your email list, so much so that we're looking forward to stealing lots of them for The Email Marketing Heroes show..

Charley Valher

Episode Content

  • (2:29) It’s two lies and a truth time. This one really has Kennedy scratching his head.
  • (4:17) Getting listeners onto your email list. Mission impossible?
  • (6:32) When should you mention your all-important links in the shows?
  • (7:47) The drop off rates of podcasts may surprise you.
  • (10:24) Charley structure his podcasts in a very unique yet effective way. Get your pens and paper ready!
  • (11:43) Is there a rule for how many CTAs you should have in a single episode?  
  • (13:04) We want to know the best opt in bribes.
  • (15:26) I there a way to promote case study opt-ins without sounding like a total show off? 
  • (16:35) How to promote your resources without boring your audience.
  • (19:02) The interview with your guest is over, it’s now time to promote the sh** out of your opt in again….or is it?  
  • (21:44) Separate segments in an episode. Yay or nay?  
  • (23:22) Charley’s most successful subject line ever- luckily, none of his audience members had an actual heart attack….but it probably came very close. 

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