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016: How to evolve your brand out loud with Ebonie Allard
Episode 167th December 2023 • The BrandUp Podcast • Anne D Ferguson
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What happens when you’re known online for one specialism, but want to change your work completely?

Today’s guest shares how she did just that – more than once. 

Ebonie Allard is an artist, and a Master Coach who works with Multiple Brain Integration Technique with a special interest in neurodivergence. She’s a certified Human Design specialist and a being whose constant evolution in business is a masterclass in reinvention.

In this week’s episode you’ll hear about:

  • How Ebonie went from leading a global community of “misfits” to sharing her art online;
  • What being diagnosed with ADHD and autism revealed to Ebonie;
  • What it looks like to do only what feeds your soul (in life and business);
  • How Ebonie’s brand values acted as a compass through times of deep change;
  • What shifting from a 24-hour male cycle to a 28-day female cycle can tell you about consistency; and
  • What happened when Ebonie stopped trying to make herself smaller, and chose to make her business model bigger instead.

Access Ebonie’s gifted resources here:  

Discover Ebonie’s work on Instagram, on Facebook and on Tiktok

Listen to Ebonie and Anne chat on Adulting with Ebonie here:

Get your free human design report from Ebonie here.

Learn more about Human Design in this podcast episode with Shari Thompson:  

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