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400: Embracing Courage with Dr. Eileen Forrestal
24th July 2024 • STaR Coach Show • Meg Rentschler
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It’s our 400th episode! I had big plans for this episode, but circumstances have forced my plans to change; hopefully, we will be on track to celebrate this worthy milestone in a big way with a listener-focused livestream episode very soon. I can’t think of a better substitute than my friend, Dr. Eileen Forrestal. She joins us to talk about the concept of courage–and who doesn’t need a healthy dose of courage in today’s world? Join us!

Dr. Eileen Forrestal is a retired consultant anesthetist and the co-founder of Get Up and Go Publications Ltd, publisher of the award-winning inspirational Get Up and Go Diaries, Journals, and Events. Having spent 20 years “putting people to sleep,” Eileen is now at work “waking people up.” She is continually inspired to make a greater impact on personal health and well-being with words rather than drugs and one pair of hands. In her memoir, The Courage to Shine: Find Your Voice and Discover the Healing Power of Your Words, Eileen shares her personal story of “waking up” to encourage others to explore their authentic self-expression and engage in new conversations for wellbeing and vitality. 

Plagued by a childhood stammer and a reluctance to speak publicly for many years, Eileen is now developing herself as a personal coach, entrepreneur mentor, and speaker to encourage others to overcome their fears and shine their light in the world. With a Foreword and enthusiastic endorsement by Jack Canfield, Eileen’s memoir touches on her challenging relationship with her mother, the source of her “yes” in life. Her upcoming book is Embrace the Edge: Life is Bigger When You Say Yes. An avid traveler with an adventurous spirit, Eileen’s thrill-seeking highlights include summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Everest base camp, cycling in Cambodia, rafting the Zambezi, riding an ostrich, and hypnotizing a chicken!

She is a recently accredited Thought Leader with the All-Ireland Business Foundation, and she liberally shares her thoughts through Sparkles of Wisdom and Pocket Pearls on social media platforms, blogs, and articles. She lives in the beautiful Northwest of Ireland with her beloved 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Kellie. 

Show Highlights:

  • Eileen’s dramatic career shift after 20 years in the medical field
  • Fighting through a childhood stammer and its accompanying trauma and anxiety
  • Figuring how to hide through life AND medical school
  • Becoming a successful doctor without having to talk
  • Overcoming anxiety, leaving medicine for entrepreneurship, and impacting audiences with the power of words
  • Self-acceptance is the FIRST step to courage!
  • Eileen’s discovery of the healing power of words
  • The value of community and connection—and finding your cheerleaders
  • Living a YES life!


Connect with Dr. Eileen Forrestal: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and book, The Courage to Shine

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