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Revolutionary Women - Clare Josa EPISODE 9, 24th February 2020
Bouncing Back: The Resilience Myth [009]
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Bouncing Back: The Resilience Myth [009]

Resilience is a mega-buzzword, but it's not actually something I ever recommend. This episode is for you if you've had enough of being told to be resilient, if you think that 'bouncing back' is over-rated, and if you, like me, think it might even be dangerous.

In today's episode of the RevolutionaryWomen.fm podcast, we're going to be talking about what true resilience is, where it comes from, and what that is what we need to make a bigger difference in the world.

Plus you'll find out why true resilience can be brilliant for your performance, for mental health, and for creating breakthroughs, instead of burnout.

Shownotes: https://revolutionarywomen.fm/episode009/


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