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Episode 03: Brain Play for Sharper Thinking with Dr. Cynthia Green
Episode 327th September 2022 • Keeping the Well in Well-thy • Hightower Advisors
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Have you ever had trouble recalling someone’s name or wondered why you went into a room to get something? Have you ever worried about staying mentally sharp as you age? 

With dementia on the rise, as someone in the world develops it every three seconds, it is not uncommon to worry about losing your memory and staying mentally healthy.

In this episode, Barbara Archer is joined by Dr. Cynthia Green, President and Founder of Total Brain Health, a lead provider of training products and services to improve your memory and overall brain fitness. As a clinical psychologist and author of six different books, Dr. Green is here to offer us her wisdom on how to keep your brain active, improving overall brain wellness.

Dr. Cynthia Green discusses: 

  • How we can engage across a blueprint of wellness  
  • How poor brain health is directly related to diseases and memory loss
  • Important practices you can incorporate into your daily life that can refresh your brain and keep it active
  • How cognitive vitality can help us create a longer, healthier lifespan
  • And more

Connect with Barbara: 

Connect with Dr. Cynthia Green: 



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