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A Dirtbag's Guide To Life On The Road - Charles Ellsworth EPISODE 4, 6th August 2020
Dakota Jones
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Dakota Jones

This episode is with friend and professional ultra-marathon runner, Dakota Jones. Dakota and I met at a wedding in the Bay Area a few years ago and very quickly developed a rapport. Finding out that this dude not only runs 100-mile races through the mountains, but also makes a living doing it, blew my mind. So, I'd just ask him constant questions: "How do you run that far? What you eat during the day before a race like that?" I was so intrigued by him and rightfully so. I've always been inspired by and interested in people who push themselves beyond any sort of limit they thought possible. Those who not only exist outside of their comfort zones, but also seem to thrive outside of it. Since that wedding, our paths have crossed a couple times and we're always picking right up where we left off.

I loved speaking with Dakota and picking his brain about his life as an ultra-marathon runner. It's a completely different type of "Dirtbag," and I think this is a really special episode because of it. It's also been really cool for me to be reminded of how quickly Dakota and I became friends, and to remember that even though my social media is filled with constant reminders of a terrible and unjust world and that we have so much work to do to fix it, human connection through an understanding of passion is one of many ways we can build the types of relationships that give us the gumption to step back into the ring and keep swinging for a better world.

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