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How to Thrive in a Down Market with Turner Cavendar and Travis Hitt
Episode 1221st August 2023 • Wallet Watch • Brian McCauley
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In this episode of Wallet Watch, Brian interviews Turner Cavender and Travis Hitt and their success in the the down market. They talk all things real estate from how they got off the ground to thriving in the current down market as well as commercial and residential real estate in 2023 and beyond. Also covered is rate buy-downs, the effect of rental properties on the market and understanding the effect of rates and prices. Let us know your thoughts on how to thrive in a down market and what you look forward to in the year ahead!

Guest Bios

Turner Cavender was born in Dallas, Texas. Lived in Desoto, Texas until he was in 5th grade. When Turner was born, he was born with a hearing disability and through that made effort to become a normal kid, but throughout grad school was a bit hard for him to make friends and do well in school. Once he was 6 years old, he got himself hearing aids and was assigned to a speech Therapist. In effort to learn how to read, write and speak the same language that his age group was doing. His childhood was a bit challenging but never slowed him down. 

In the summer of his 5th grade summer his family moved to Mesquite. Which was a great new start with a better Neighborhood and school district which was great for him but still had struggles with school from being a bit behind the kids the same age as him. He had a TON of energy all the time and found his passion in Motocross (which is a very individualized sport). Turner went on to have a successful Motocross career all the way to the professional level. in 2007 Turner retired from full time racing and went off to Texas Tech University to pursue his passion of fitness and helping others feel amazing about themselves and live a healthy live. Once he Graduated in 2010 with a B.S. In kinesiology in minor in nutrition he went off to work at a few fitness Facilities until he saved up enough money to open his own gym in 2013. 

During that time from 2013 - 2020 Turner worked with thousands of clients with their personal life in shaping them to live a healthy life and transformed lives. he also was a leader to many staff members over the years owning a gym in Dallas Tx, and Surprise, Arizona. in 2020 Turner took his exit from the fitness industry and selling his gyms to Pursue his new career in real Estate. 

Travis Hitt was born in Tyler Texas where he was raised with good values and the meaning of hard work. Before High School he moved to Allen Texas where he went to High School, played football and met mentors that helped shape his future life and career. Upon graduating, he enlisted into the Army where he served five years as a Black Hawk Crewchief with multiple units and areas around the world. After his time in the military he quickly tested and received his Real Estate License in 2012. Since then he has grown and learned so much to get to where he is today. Currently, Travis is an associate at Robert Elliott and Associates. He has the honor to lead a team of 4 amazing agents serving their clients all across DFW. Travis says he wakes up everyday loving what he does with an excitement to serve others. 

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