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Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Show : Amplify your business with weekly shows featuring digital marketing entrepreneurs and business owners - Bob Gentle : AmplifyMe 6th July 2020
How podcasting built the business I never expected, with Ian Paget
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How podcasting built the business I never expected, with Ian Paget

For a lot of people, anxiety particularly around putting yourself out there and building your personal brand online, can lead to paralysis and a life of standing still. Letting and business life pass you by while you wait for the perfect time to take action is a powerful recipe for a future filled with regret. It's also exactly what life looks like for a lot of people.

But if you're listening and thinking that building online influence and a massive following is only for the alpha's then think again. Ian Paget joins me this week on the podast to tell me how he built logogeek while struggling with social anxiety. He's a fantastic role model and a great case study in how ordinary people can do extraordinary things online - if they just take the first steps and start.

About Ian

Ian Paget is a graphic designer, best known as Logo Geek. He designs logos and brand identities for clients, but also hosts a popular podcast, blog and community all under the name of Logo Geek. With over 15 years experience, he has been featured in publications including Logo Lounge, Photoshop Creative and Net Magazine. He's also a frequent member of the jury for design awards including; Transform Awards, Best Brand Awards and Logo Wave to name a few.

Ian's website : https://logogeek.uk/


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