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Revenue Riser - Alate Business Growth Ltd EPISODE 6, BONUS EPISODE, 11th August 2021
Sleep: the secret of success?
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Sleep: the secret of success?

Why do we sleep - and could it really be a secret of success?

Host, Anna Britnor Guest, and Habits Coach, Azzy Aslam, explore commonly held beliefs about sleep - and why some of them simply aren't true.

Research shows that a lack of sleep (and spoiler alert #1 that definitely means less than 6 hours sleep a night - and for most people it's more than that) significantly and negatively impacts a number of important factors necessary for high performance.

This episode is full of useful insights and practical tips to help

- Sales leaders to improve their own sleep,

- To educate and encourage their team members to do the same

- To construct and time sales activities to leverage energy and performance levels (spoiler alert #2 - that may mean changing your sales meeting schedule and re-imagining your SKOs)

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