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Design Your Decade - Rio Rocket, Rosann Santos EPISODE 11, 15th January 2021
Game Changing Moments In Your Career
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Game Changing Moments In Your Career

Change the Game Don't Let the Game Change You: Just as Jadakiss said - and just as we tell the tales of the game-changing moments in our careers we set ships to sail with this treasure of an episode so that you may one day tell your game-changing career moments to your trusty mates on the way to your uncharted private island you've always wanted.

The DYD podcast is designed to accelerate the career trajectory of:

•   Recent college graduates

•   Graduates and Professionals interviewing for new employment

•   New professionals: 5 years or less employed at current job

•   Middle Management: 5-10 years employed

•   Professionals in creative fields, media and entertainment

Get coached, move up the ladder, make bank.

Website: https://www.DesignYourDecade.io

For Career Coaching: coaching@designyourdecade.io

Podcast-related inquiries: podcast@designyourdecade.io

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