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Socratica Reads - Kimberly Hatch Harrison TRAILER, 28th May 2020
Welcome to Socratica Reads
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Welcome to Socratica Reads

Where do we get our ideas at Socratica?

We went to school, of course, and that set us on a certain path, studying math & science & computer programming….

But we believe strongly in Lifelong Learning here at Socratica. You don't have to stop learning when you leave school. The best way to continue developing your mind is to READ. 

I’m Kimberly Hatch Harrison, the co-founder of Socratica. And this is: SOCRATICA READS, where we share the books that are inspiring us.  

In this podcast, I focus on one of my favourite genres - Science Fiction.  A lot of people look down on Sci-Fi, like it’s some kind of literary junk food. But the truth is, Sci-Fi has the power to sneak up on you and TEACH you things while you were busy looking at the shiny rocketship. 

Things about human nature, and eternal questions like who am I and why am I here

I hope you’ll join me. 


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