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#6 AI: Are We There Yet? AI Podcast
Episode 69th January 2024 • The Tntra Podcast • Mehul Desai
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The sixth episode of the Tntra podcast brings Aditya Khurjekar, Founder of, who shares his insights into the historical evolution of AI, its contemporary mainstream implications, and future trajectories.

Aditya explains AI's historical journey, stressing its early stages despite mainstream integration. He shares insights into Entity AI, aiming to address content authenticity and creator control in the era of Generative AI. Mehul Desai, Co-Founder & Chairman of Tntra and the host, unveils personal encounters highlighting AI's integration into daily life. The dialogue spans from short-term concerns like light regulation versus the EU approach to the long-term impacts of AI on societal disparity.

The podcast highlights:

  • AI's past, present, and future with Aditya Khurjekar.
  • Different views on AI's challenges, focusing on people and control in Generative AI.
  • AI's impact on confirming identities and content.
  • How lets people manage data and content in an AI world.
  • Deep thoughts on AI's history, today, and what's to come.
  • How does the podcast look at AI's effects and the importance of control?

Their discussion accentuates the critical role of human-centric AI solutions and the imperative need for empowering tools to navigate AI's unfolding complexities.

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