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#4 Patents: The First of the Three P's of Intellectual Property
Episode 410th October 2022 • The Tntra Podcast • Mehul Desai
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The fourth installment of the Tntra podcast brings in a leading IP expert and patent practitioner, Charles Cella, who enlightens upon the need for patenting innovation. 

In this IP podcast, host Mehul Desai interviews Charles Cella about the first of the three P’s of intellectual property: patents. The two discuss Charles’ background in patent strategy, exploring the ways in which Charles’ life experiences and career have given him a unique and thorough understanding of how patents can provide value to a company and the world at large. 

Charles defines patents and patent portfolios, explaining the value of both a patent and the architecture of a larger patent portfolio. He describes the interplay between the companies that make up Strong Force Intellectual Properties and provides insight on how Strong Force approaches the patent process, specifically citing creativity, clarity, and control as core components of Strong Force’s strategy. 

With this, Charles also unpacks the misconceptions around patents, highlighting the many ways in which patents are misunderstood, and therefore, underutilized. The podcast closes out with a discussion between Mehul and Charles about the geopolitical implications of a growing intellectual property market in the global south and the future of the role of patents in companies across the globe.

Some of the key points covered in the podcast include -

  • Introduction to patents and Charle's background in patents
  • Defining the terminologies in patents and clearing confusing around IP
  • Interplay between Strong Force Design, Catalyst, and Portfolios
  • Untangling the misconceptions that surround patents and portfolios
  • Future of Patents – From Company Structure to Geopolitical Implications

In this podcast on intellectual property and patent practices, our speakers provide valuable insights into the what, why, and how of patents. Mehul and Charles highlight the key areas that define patents and the significance of IP ownership and practices in today's world.

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This Intellectual Property(IP) podcast focuses on patents and aims to address the key areas that surround the software ecosystem. Do let us know what you like about the IP podcast and what you don’t like, the topics you’d like to cover and what you’d like to have on the future podcast.


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