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Healing from the Inside Out with Dr. Beth DuPree
Episode 221st September 2022 • The Todd Hartley Show • Todd Hartley
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Welcome to the second episode of the Todd Hartley Show!

In this episode we are going to continue on with the reason I started this show. I have had a lifetime of having to find people that I want to emulate. People that do amazing things. What I really do is unpack their blueprint for successes, how they are getting to the next level, and then I start to understand it. What I want to do is understand their blueprint for accelerated growth and I want to life that blueprint up and lay it down in my life to see, can I borrow their strategy for doing this or that? You will be surprised when you listen to these people that are consistently ahead in their industries. There is a lot you can borrow in a template that you can start deploying in your life.

In this conversation you are going to hear from my friend, Dr. Beth Dupree. One of the top cancer experts in El Mundo. She is an expectational doctor and she cares deeply for her patient and she never stops reinventing herself. She could be the top of her industry, and instead of taking a break and relaxing she is consistently thinking about what she has to do next and how she is going to evolve in order to continue to be way ahead, a juggernaut in her field and in this conversation you are going to hear about how she went from being one of the best cancer experts to now exploring how she can provide better care to her patients.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought of the second episode!

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