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A Downsized Life - Danny Brown EPISODE 2, 24th February 2020
The Loneliness of Downsizing and Starting Over
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The Loneliness of Downsizing and Starting Over

One of the things that doesn't get spoken about often enough is the loneliness that can be felt when downsizing and starting over.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be the kind of loneliness that you’re completely off-grid, or you have no friends, or you’ve left family and all you know behind.

No, it’s more about the loneliness of simple things that you may have taken for granted, or maybe didn’t put as much thinking into before making the move.

In episode two of A Downsized Life, I talk about:

  • [01:29] Missing simple social gatherings when downsizing
  • [02:12] Missing the convenience of things to do within walking distance of your home
  • [04:37] The incredible darkness that northern Ontario offers
  • [06:14] Why loneliness can be a good thing

Listen in as Danny shares his thoughts on these challenges, and what comes next in our journey to downsize our lives.

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