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Christopher Paul Meyer: "I'm Here for the Fight"
Episode 133rd April 2023 • Battlefields • The Epoch Times
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Christopher Paul Meyer writes regularly at The Havok Journal and Savage Wonder. He is a former bouncer, firefighter, soldier, comic and prison chaplain. He started his writing career as a screenwriter, writing five screenplays, three of which were either optioned or commissioned. His first book was Icarus Falling, a memoir of his years as a nightclub bouncer. He has since edited his late father's short stories for the collection I Was a Champion Then.

Chris was in New York City and near the World Trade Center on 9/11, an experience that ultimately led him to join the Army and to serve in Afghanistan with an Army Special Forces unit. Chris is now the director of VETREP, the Veterans Repertory Theater, and the host of both the Savage Wonder podcast and Profiles in Havok.

From NYC on 9/11 to prison chaplain, from club bouncer to the Global War on Terror, these... are Chris Meyer's Battlefields.


Show Notes

B-52 crash into Empire State Building

Prislam: Prison Islam (link)

VETREP: The Veterans Repertory Theater


Episode guest: Christopher Paul Meyer

Host: LTC (Ret.) Charles Faint

Edited by: Michael Neal

Music: "King Around Here" by Alex Grohl (courtesy of Pixabay)

Sponsored by: The Epoch Times, in conjunction with The Havok Journal

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