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Take these 5 things OFF your website right now
Episode 2121st September 2023 • Travel Marketing & Media ® • Sandra McLemore
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In the lead-up to our 4th 'Website in a Weekend' event, our team at TMM has had the chance to review many of your existing websites. And we've spotted a recurring theme that's honestly stirred some strong emotions within our team.

We've identified 5 common elements that, based on our solid evidence, may not be serving your website's best interests, and that my friends, is conversion; converting website visitors to email subscribers, phone calls and paying clients.

Our intention here isn't to suggest a complete website overhaul or to critique fellow web designers. Instead, we want to guide you: if you recognize any of these 5 elements on your website, it may be in your best interest to remove them.

Be sure to listen to episode 20 if your website is not bringing you new sales. It explains with 100% clarity why.