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On Bootstrapping for Growth: Danielle Becker of Lefty's Right Mind
Episode 1525th October 2023 • The C Suite with Catherine • Catherine Smith Licari
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I am always so excited to meet someone I already know and admire through Instagram and that's just what happened with Danielle, the Founder & CEO of Lefty’s Right Mind: a full-service bespoke creative studio brings a client’s vision to life through creative direction, on-site activations and branded product. Through craftsmanship and customization, Lefty’s Right Mind fosters human connection while building brand loyalty and awareness. 

Today’s episode will include the term Bootstrap - which is the financing of a business through one’s own funds, through the use of revenue, and individual sources of capital sourced by the business owner (think small personal loans, lines of credit, and all around scrappiness).

Followed by her left hand and a steadfast love for creative problem solving, designer Danielle Becker paints within the lines but dreams without boundaries. A self-proclaimed design nerd, with roots in graphic design and art direction, curiosity and discipline drive her artistry.

We also talk about:

  • Finance Definition: What is Bootstrapping and how can you bootstrap your business?
  • Building a creative business focused on artists and elevating products and experiences through customization and fully bespoke events and collaborations.
  • How to anticipate your cash flow when the nature of your business which relies on projects, collaborations, partnerships - all of which can be hard to predict.
  • Core values and principles when building a team.
  • Advice for women who are interested in small business and entrepreneurship.
Simple Finance Resources for Small Business Owners:

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