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Groundbreaking AI models for entrepreneurs - Doug Williams and Amu Killada
Episode 623rd February 2024 • Trust the Process @ MIT • MIT's Trust Center
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Today’s episode features Doug Williams and Amu Killada 

Doug and Amu are the minds behind a groundbreaking AI-powered system that allows teams to test their ideas against the Trust lCenter’s entrepreneurial frameworks. 

This project has taken the principles of Disciplined Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Tactics to a whole new level. Leveraging tech designed by Delta V alumni Stack.AI, Amu and Doug have crafted a program that’s all about speed, efficiency, and sharp strategic thinking.

Imagine having the ability to rapidly test your entrepreneurial concepts, swiftly moving through the Trust Center model, and spending more time on what really matters: critical thinking and refining your ideas. That’s exactly what Doug and Amu’s program will offer to teams across the globe.

Right now, the program is in a beta test here at MIT. But we hope to bring it out into the world soon.