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Should I Hire Financial Advisor for University Retirement Plan?
Episode 3928th February 2023 • HigherEd Retire • Greg Shepard
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This particular question comes up now-and-again, "should I hire a financial advisor to help me out with my university retirement plan(s)?"

This question gets more complicated when those in higher education state that the reps at TIAA and Fidelity serve as their "advisor."

Listen as Greg gives you an idea as to when a financial advisor would be advantageous and also shares with you when a financial advisor wouldn't be beneficial to your situation.

Greg also dives into the reason as to why reps at TIAA and Fidelity, although great folks, shouldn't be considered your financial advisor.

Lastly, learn what type of financial advisor you should be on the lookout for and what type / how much compensation both parties should expect.

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