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Rollover 403b to IRA
Episode 2414th September 2021 • HigherEd Retire • Greg Shepard
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In this podcast, your host, Greg Shepard, will discuss rolling over your 403b to an IRA. This accounts for other higher ed accounts as well, such as 457b's and 401a's. You'll learn the following in this podcast...

Scenarios as to when you’d want to rollover your 403b to an IRA….

  1. Old employer plan
  2. Retired
  3. 59 ½ yr old rule

How you go about doing the rollover. Greg will discuss the logistics of the process and how dealing with TIAA can be a headache if you're not familiar with how the process works.

Greg will discuss where to send your money when you request the rollover. You'll learn where Greg custodies his clients accounts as well as a few other vendors he recommends.

Most importantly, learn why you'd want to rollover your 403b to an IRA. Greg will discuss a few reasons as to why it could be advantageous to you and your situation.

Lastly, stay tuned to the end as Greg will entice you with an offer that he hasn't made on any of his podcasts to date.

Resources in the podcast...

TIAA Traditional - Watch OUT!

Age 59 1/2 In-Service Withdrawals

What is Brokeragelink?