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Get it BACK! Reclaiming Your Body, Your Business, Your Relationships
Episode 774th January 2023 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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LOST love. LOST money. LOST faith. LOST employees and key people in our lives. LOST loved ones.

Too many of us are still living enslaved, resentful over the losses we have experienced in our past. Trying to overcome them and press on, but a part of us seems to have been 'taken' or left behind. We are not fully living from a place of trust, freedom and expansion - as we are CREATED to be. Is it possible there are still strongholds keeping things back?

Doubt. Confusion. Complexity. Pressure. Mistrust... the list goes on. I say it's time to BREAK those patterns + generational wounds and RECLAIM ALL that was mean for you, your children, your business.

Today's episode is kicking off this years focus which is RECLAIMING, RESTORING and REBUILDING all that has been lost and living in a place of 100% increase as the NORM.

Today we focus on the RECLAIMING piece. Regardless of WHAT you (thought ) lost in your life,

I KNOW that God wants to give it back to you 100% and more - So it has been in my life - over and over again. Each time I thought I lost something, and claimed it back - it came back 100%!

Today's show is part 1 of a 3 part series as we prepare for 2023's INITIATION Community

In today’s episode I dive into: 

  • Are you AWARE of what's been taken from you?
  • Why do you need to RECLAIM what is yours?
  • Reclaiming LOST parts of you - have you become ONE dimensional in your 'work' and life?
  • How you have unconsciously invited the enemy to operate right inside your home/business/relationship!
  • HOW to reclaim the territories you've been entrusted with
  • Where the REAL battleground is! You MUST MASTER this!
  • How to fiercely protect what is YOURS and
  • OPEN the DOORS to operate from overflow again...

"What you ENTERTAIN, you INVITE" + "What you TOLERATE, you NORMALIZE!"


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