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HigherEd Retire - Greg Shepard EPISODE 18, 23rd November 2020
Target Date Funds - Should You Use Them?
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Target Date Funds - Should You Use Them?

In this episode, Greg Shepard will dive into the ins-and-outs of Target Date Funds. Probably unbeknownst to you as an employee, this is most likely where your monthly contributions default to every contribution period. Here, you'll learn

  1. What a Target Date Fund is
  2. Is there a conflict of interest?
  3. What other options you have
  4. What options you should choose

Greg Shepard, and advisor at S&A Financial Services, Inc. understands you can get into the weeds with this retirement "stuff." If you're looking for some help, shoot him an email at greg@shepardfinancial.com or check out the website at www.safinancialservices.com

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