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Publicity for Pet Businesses - Rachel Spencer EPISODE 21, 16th July 2020
How to make the most of being featured in a competition
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How to make the most of being featured in a competition

Taking part in media competitions and giveaways can help you raise the profile of your pet business.

It can make thousands and potentially millions of people who didn’t know your brand aware of what it is you do.

Competitions regularly appear in newspapers, magazines, online publications, blogs, podcasts, on the radio and TV and whether your brand is big or small you can take part.

This episode shares all you need to know about taking part in a competition on how to maximize the opportunity when it comes to promoting your pet business.

Here are the key timings and topics covered in this episode:

3.10 - Why take part in a competition?

4.24 - Working out what you want from the competition.

5.51 - Choosing the right publication for your competition.

6.24 - What do you need to take part in the competition?

7.49 - How much do you need to give away?

8.30 - What you need for your competition pitch.

9.00 - Finding publications to pitch to and finding journalist's contact details.

(Check this episode for more information on finding journalist's contact details)

9.22 - Finding competition opportunities on social media.

9.57 - Finding competition opportunities in the publications.

10.46 - Building up a buzz before the competition.

11.48 - Learning about the comper community on Money Saving Expert.

13.01 - Ways of sharing the competition on the day to make sure you reach as many people as possible.

14.20 - How to turn compers into customers after the competition.

16.03 - What to do when the winners have been chosen.

19.42 - Gathering data after the competition to see the impact on your brand.

21.00 - Creating competitions of your own on social media.

24.05 - Managing expectations around your competition.

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